Hutchinson Reno Lodge #124 has a rich and deep history in Kansas even more so in Hutchinson Kansas. The lodge today was birthed by the consolidation of local lodges over the years. The oldest of which Reno Lodge #140 was chartered by the Grand Lodge of Kansas on October 15th 1873. Then Hutchinson Lodge #440 was chartered on February 26th 1925, and Basset Lodge #124 was chartered on February 16th 1938. After several decades of working in cooperation with each other but independently the membership of all three lodges decided to combine their resources and create one Lodge under name Hutchinson Reno Lodge #124 on May 1st 1989.  This makes for an interesting point of fact that Hutchinson Reno Lodge #124 can be considered one of the youngest and one of the oldest lodges in Kansas at the same time.